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May milestones

SB-some favoritesHere what happened this May:

  • Ended my seventh year drawing on my kids’ sandwich bags and started the eighth year
  • My Flickr views went beyond 28 million
  • There are now over 1,800 sandwich bag drawings
  • The last sandwich bag drawing for my oldest son will be on May 29. He is graduating from high school.
  • I’ve teamed up Philips Norelco on social media for a #FaTHURSday promotion leading up to Fathers’ Day

I asked my son what drawings he would like on his sandwich bags. He said, “Do some classics, you know the ones we like.” So I am redrawing some of the classic bags.

Did you know that I do not draw on my own sandwich bag.

This doesn’t happen often, I mixed up the sandwiches one day this month. Kenny always gets peanut butter and jelly. Evan’s sandwich was sliced turkey, cheese and lettuce with Dijon mustard. Evan will eat the PB&J but Kenny won’t bother with anything else but a PB&J.

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Introducing The Kritzels

KritzelsThe Kritzels are the name of the imaginary characters drawn by a dad on his kids’ sandwich bags. These cheeky little creatures are symbolic of love, friendship and trust.

Over a period of time, David Laferriere, the creator of Kritzels, has drawn over 1,500 unique Kritzels characters on sandwich bags. New Kritzels keep adding to the tally everyday.

What started off as an affectionate token of love and care to his children, has become a part of David’s life. All Kritzels are hand drawn by David Laferriere with Sharpie markers and therefore have a signature value attached to each artwork.

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