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Attleboro Farmers Market logo design

There always comes a time when certain things align. In this case it was friends who wanted to take an existing farmers market and give it a boost. The market was the Attleboro Farmers Market.

Here, in brief, is the back story. Sometime in the 80’s there was a group of civic-minded people, myself included, in Attleboro who wanted to expose people to what is already around them. Gas prices were high. Not many could afford to travel. We brought concerts, family activities and a farmers market. It was called Summerfest.

The farmers market at that time was run by my brother Rick (or Dickie as some remember him by). Over the years it has been kept going by some pretty amazing people. So 25-some-odd-years later I saw some chatter on Facebook by Martha and Rick Conti about  wanting to build-up the existing farmers market. I had to comment.

I attended the first organizing meeting in early May and brought my sketchbook with me. Martha had asked about creating a logo. My ideas were penciled in and I showed this page to some in attendance:

sketchbook notes

Here is the final logo:

Attleboro Farmers Market logo

I also worked on their web-presence and with the help of Geoff McGehee we got the web site up and running. First with basic web pages quickly followed by a WordPress site. Go ahead and check out the Attleboro Farmers Market web site and maybe you will also make the trek to a Saturday Farmers Market.

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Wheaton Summer Quarterly

Wheaton Quarterly Summer 2011 PDF
Click on photo to get the PDF

This Quarterly’s cover story and photos came out really well because of the time, thought and energy put into planning and getting it done. It was a group effort and it shows in this piece as well as the total magazine.

Just after the story idea was settled on we began to think about the visual aspects. First thoughts were following along the lines of a “family tree.” Maybe setup a photo with students in an actual tree? Or maybe an illustration of a family tree with photos of students? Or having a photo shoot in the President’s house by the fireplace where the portrait of Eliza Baylies Chapin Wheaton hangs?

All these ideas are shared, talked about and some doodling done. We had a little time to let these ideas simmer in our heads.

The bare trees of late winter nixed an actual family tree-tree photo and an illustration did not seem to fit with telling this story. We focused our attention on taking photos in the President’s House with the students by the portrait. We needed a cover photo as well as individual photos of the students.

Now to the logistics. We had to gather five very active students to show up for the photo shoot. As we were juggling their schedules we were discussing the shoot. We got permission to bring the portrait to the Beard and Weil Galleries along with some old frames. We figured we could get a group shot and individual shots using the frames.

The students all showed up on time and ready to strike some poses. We all had fun setting it up and then shooting the photos. The photographer Nicki Pardo has a knack for making her subjects feel at ease and relax. It really shows in the photos.

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Local artists and crafters

Attleboro Arts Museum Artist Members
Village Artisans Collaborative
  • Fine arts and crafts, classes and events
  • 21 N Washington Street, North Attleboro
  • 508-695-1010
Stella Marie Soap Company
Rhody Craft
  • Hope Artiste Village (along side the Winter Famer’s Market) 1005 Main St., #2222, Pawtucket, RI
  • Nov. thru May every Sat. 10-2 and Wed. 4-7

More to come as I stumble upon artists and crafters

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Winter Quarterly

Wheaton Quarterly Winter 2011

Wheaton Quarterly, Winter 2011As the Designer of the Wheaton Quarterly I have been caught up with the inner-workings of InDesign and WordPress and how to get them to play nice and get along. This issue was put together with that in mind.

The goal was to come up with a way to get the text and images from InDesign, where the final edited form of the Quarterly resides, and export that content for WordPress.

The workflow for getting InDesign content out to be used in WordPress has been a cut and paste affair. Time consuming and at times tedious. Through the magic of XML I hope to automate parts of that workflow.

“A Designer’s Guide to Adobe InDesign and XML: Harness the Power of XML to Automate Your Print and Web Workflows” is the book I used to learn how InDesign works with the import and export of XML content. Going through the chapters in order and using the included example documents made for a good learning process .

The Winter Quarterly was put online using the old cut and paste method, hopefully for the last time. Some of the sections were done with styles, xml tags and embedding images so I can test and tweak the workflow.