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Attleboro Farmers Market logo design

There always comes a time when certain things align. In this case it was friends who wanted to take an existing farmers market and give it a boost. The market was the Attleboro Farmers Market.

Here, in brief, is the back story. Sometime in the 80’s there was a group of civic-minded people, myself included, in Attleboro who wanted to expose people to what is already around them. Gas prices were high. Not many could afford to travel. We brought concerts, family activities and a farmers market. It was called Summerfest.

The farmers market at that time was run by my brother Rick (or Dickie as some remember him by). Over the years it has been kept going by some pretty amazing people. So 25-some-odd-years later I saw some chatter on Facebook by Martha and Rick Conti about  wanting to build-up the existing farmers market. I had to comment.

I attended the first organizing meeting in early May and brought my sketchbook with me. Martha had asked about creating a logo. My ideas were penciled in and I showed this page to some in attendance:

sketchbook notes

Here is the final logo:

Attleboro Farmers Market logo

I also worked on their web-presence and with the help of Geoff McGehee we got the web site up and running. First with basic web pages quickly followed by a WordPress site. Go ahead and check out the Attleboro Farmers Market web site and maybe you will also make the trek to a Saturday Farmers Market.

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Chromadepth art

Chromadepth® 3-D has been an on and off experiment of mine for at least three years. The Chromadepth® 3-D process allows the creation of a ‘normal’ looking image that can be viewed as two-dimensional, but which jumps into holographic 3-D when viewed using Chromadepth® 3-D glasses. The optics in the glasses create the hologram from the colors in the image.

The Chromadepth® 3-D process is an extension of my fascination with color and how colors are perceived with other colors around them. In this case the colors are seen on another level with the help of special glasses.

The piece shown here titled ChromaArt 001 started out as a way to show how black interacts with the various colors. When not used as a background, black usually resides on the same plane as the color it is on.

This piece can be purchased on, CLICK HERE to go directly to it.

UPDATE: I will have some Chromadepth glasses for sale in early 2011, for now go to The 3d Market and look for the Chromadepth glasses.