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Sandwich bag drawings

Sandwich Bag Art

Since May 2008 I have been drawing on my kids’ sandwich bags with Sharpie markers. Each drawing is done just after I make the sandwich. I take a picture and post to flickr. My kids usually don’t see the drawing until it is lunchtime.

The challenges are coming up with ideas and then drawing quickly and directly on the bag, every line counts.

These drawings are ideas or sketches that I work-up and use for making my own art.

Go to my FLICKR SANDWICH BAG SET to see them all.

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First-time chalk drawing

I was asked to participate in Attleboro’s Expo for the Senses as a chalk artist. Each artist had to create something from an art masterpiece. Not wanting to just do a masterpiece, I decided to make an anamorphic masterpiece using a cylinder mirror. Everything had to fit into a 6 x 6 foot area.

I picked Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” because the book “Grant Wood – A Life” by Tripp Evans is the next Art Lovers Book Club read at the Attleboro Arts Museum.

Not knowing just how big I needed to make the cylinder mirror I made a scale model. The mirror needed to be 8 to 10 inches wide. I was able to use an 8 inch concrete tube form and paper spray mounted reflective paper to it.

Here’s the finished piece:

The only thing I forgot to do was flop the image so it would reflect correctly. The male figure should be on the right. Oops!