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The rediscovered ant farm

Created on January 18, 2012
Created on January 18, 2012

I saw the ant farm sandwich art on a blog recently and it made me chuckle.

Here’s this image of an ant farm complete with a scarecrow. Look down the tunnels and you see an ant painting a canvas on an easel. Down further are a couple of ants sitting on a couch watching television.

What the heck was going through my head that morning?

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Digging Dino

digging-dinoWe all have favorites and I have many favorites among my sandwich bags. Digging Dino is definitely one.

I remember looking at the groove in the bread and thinking about some kind of cutaway-like image, something buried. What I like about this is the bone sticking up through the dirt showing the person depicted that something is underneath. We get to see that something.

The ideas come to me as I am having breakfast with one of my sons. This bag probably took me about a minute or 2 to realize the idea, 2 to 3 minutes to draw. Most of the bags take a little less time.

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Flickr features sandwich bag art

BLOG flickr blog 03-05-2013Today, March 5, 2013, Flickr featured my sandwich bag art on their blog.

The tile is “Every line counts” and the beginning of their post is “Let us introduce you to the cool art of D Laferriere.”  Thank you Flickr!

My two sons have been getting these in their lunches since May of 2008. And  I don’t sketch out something first. Something pops into my head and I begin to draw. Each mark on the bag usually can’t be easily corrected so yes “every line does count.”  They don’t take long to do, a couple of minutes usually, occasionally five minutes.

All the comments about my bags are awesome. Thanks.

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Sandwich Bags on Gizmodo

Sandwich bag art on Gizmodo

GizmodoGizmodo editor Jesus Diaz featured my sandwich bag art on Gizmodo/Food on Feb. 19. It has been amazing how much has come from that one posting.

Read the comments, they run the gamut of good, nice, weird, stupid and ugly. Then read the replies to those comments.

The comments that struck me the most were those who remember a parent drawing or writing notes to them on or in their lunch bags and those who appreciate the little things we all do for our kids.

Immediately my views on Flickr began to skyrocketed.

I’ve been putting the sandwich bag art on Flickr since I began drawing on the bags in May of 2008. I had to. They ended up in the trash. At first I would take photos with my point-and-shoot camera and upload a few days or weeks worth. Eventually I got a phone with a camera and began sending them to Flickr on a daily basis. Flickr then to Facebook and on to Tumblr.

The funny thing about this is that this week, the week of the Gizmodo posting, is a vacation week for my kids. No school means no lunches which means no sandwich bag art.

My boys were in second and fourth grade when I started doing this as a way to jump-start my creativity and have some fun with my kids. I know that eventually I will have to stop doing it. I can only hope that they might do something similar with their kids.