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The rediscovered ant farm

Created on January 18, 2012
Created on January 18, 2012

I saw the ant farm sandwich art on a blog recently and it made me chuckle.

Here’s this image of an ant farm complete with a scarecrow. Look down the tunnels and you see an ant painting a canvas on an easel. Down further are a couple of ants sitting on a couch watching television.

What the heck was going through my head that morning?

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Digging Dino

digging-dinoWe all have favorites and I have many favorites among my sandwich bags. Digging Dino is definitely one.

I remember looking at the groove in the bread and thinking about some kind of cutaway-like image, something buried. What I like about this is the bone sticking up through the dirt showing the person depicted that something is underneath. We get to see that something.

The ideas come to me as I am having breakfast with one of my sons. This bag probably took me about a minute or 2 to realize the idea, 2 to 3 minutes to draw. Most of the bags take a little less time.

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First-time chalk drawing

I was asked to participate in Attleboro’s Expo for the Senses as a chalk artist. Each artist had to create something from an art masterpiece. Not wanting to just do a masterpiece, I decided to make an anamorphic masterpiece using a cylinder mirror. Everything had to fit into a 6 x 6 foot area.

I picked Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” because the book “Grant Wood – A Life” by Tripp Evans is the next Art Lovers Book Club read at the Attleboro Arts Museum.

Not knowing just how big I needed to make the cylinder mirror I made a scale model. The mirror needed to be 8 to 10 inches wide. I was able to use an 8 inch concrete tube form and paper spray mounted reflective paper to it.

Here’s the finished piece:

The only thing I forgot to do was flop the image so it would reflect correctly. The male figure should be on the right. Oops!