I found that a linoleum block print is an easier way to get started with block printing. The ease of cutting linoleum, the detail, and the smooth texture were helpful as I learn the process. Not having to prepare a wood block and not think about how the wood grain can affect the cutting or print is a plus.

The other challenge is my not being used to the subtractive process of cutting as opposed to the additive process of drawing. I need to find a way for me to visualize the image on the block. Maybe I’ll put a color wash on my next piece of linoleum before I transfer my drawing.

At some point, I do feel that I will get back to cutting a wood block to get more organic and rustic-looking prints.

The print above, right, titled “Buddies” 4×6, is on newsprint, it depicts a bird and worm cooling off in a birdbath,.

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