By being ‘on’ I mean the drawings that day would be a good ones. I really didn’t care how good or bad the drawing was. It was all about the idea, the thought I had in my head that morning, and about having some fun.

Are there sandwich bag drawings that I don’t like? I do like them all but there are some I don’t like as much and some I like a lot. I say this because each one of the drawings is like a page in a sketchbook and who draws in a sketchbook thinking each drawing will be awesome? Each drawing, doodle, or whatever in my sketchbooks are thoughts and ideas at varying stages, usually the beginning stage.

The drawings below are okay, not ones I would consider as being ‘on’ that day…

There are some bags that when I look back at them I wonder what the hell it was I was thinking at the time.

I also repeat some drawing themes like worms, 79 times which includes a bag I did today.

Other themes:

  • Creatures 371 (includes some monsters)
  • Monsters 332 (includes some creatures)
  • Mazes 14
  • Robots 91
  • Rebus 32
  • Pumpkins 46 (excludes photos of pumpkins)
  • Birds 200+

What I like about creatures, monsters, and birds is that there is a good variety of each and some of them are not very good, but they are an idea I had, drew it and posted it to my Flickr feed.

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