Thank you to all who shared my Sandwich Bag Art around the world. I really appreciate it.


Blogs and other places I’ve been featured in (that I know about):

New link added to April 21, 2013 (8/15/2017). I find blog posts about my bags when I follow a Google Alert that takes me to Pinterest. Most of the time it is an old link that I did not know about.

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August 2014

  • August 11th issue of People magazine, here’s the online story.

June 2014

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May 2013, sandwich bags

April 2013, my sandwich bags featured on

March 2013, my sandwich bags were featured

February 2013, sandwich bags featured on Gizmodo/Foodlikecool.comBem Legaus!Rock N TechYou Pouch, for my sandwich bag drawings.

November 2012, sandwich bags featured on the Wired GeekDads blog.

August 2009, sandwich bags featured on the OF MICE AND raMEN blog.

June 2009, sandwich bags featured on the Sharpie Marker blog.