I’ve wanted to do printmaking, woodblock or linoleum, for a while. Years ago I began and stopped. I’m not sure why I stopped but here I am cutting a woodblock thanks to my brother Jim.

It has been interesting getting the feel for a medium I didn’t think would be easy. I also found out that I need to be patient with the cutting process and not rush things.

Test prints of my fish woodblock

Although this is not what I had in mind when I started, I learned a lot from this. First, cutting a woodblock is not easy. I’ve watched too many videos of skilled artists cutting their woodblocks. Second, I need to keep it simple so I can enjoy the process as I learn. Third, sharp tools and the correct tools help. I really need a knife tool to outline some cuts so chunks of wood I wanted to keep don’t fall off.

I’ll be starting on a new block and will slow down a bit, plan a little more, and have fun with this.

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