Cutting the ponytail

Attleboro Arts Museum Director Mim Fawcett begins to cut the ponytail

I got the official word in the mail from the Attleboro Arts Museum. The Museum’s and my Facebook buddies, my emailing and a handful of dropped-off donations combined to add $1,165 to the Annual Fund.

The ponytail was cut at the end of the Seeing Double opening reception on July 7. Mim Fawcett, the Museum’s Director, did the honors. Oh yeah, did I mention that I have a piece in this show? You can see it behind my head in the photo.

The money donated did not equal the amount needed to cut the entire ponytail off. But after I announced to the people at the opening about the Cut-my-ponytail-for-donations I was approached by fellow exhibiting artist Sally Eyring. She asked if she could have my hair to use in a piece that she will have completed this fall. Rumor has it that the piece might be donated to the Museum’s Art Auction on Nov. 6.

Sally Eyring

Sally Eyring wth my hair

As Mim was beginning to cut half of the ponytail, Sally asked if she could have more. I figure what the heck and told Mim to cut it all.

So now I have short hair. My 11-year-old son had never seen me with short hair. There are people who have only known me with a ponytail. And there are those who remember me with hair that was more pepper than salt.

I thank everyone who donated. As I have said, “the Museum needs the donation more than I need my hair.”

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