First-time chalk drawing

I was asked to participate in Attleboro’s Expo for the Senses as a chalk artist. Each artist had to create something from an art masterpiece. Not wanting to just do a masterpiece, I decided to make an anamorphic masterpiece using a cylinder mirror. Everything had to fit into a 6 x 6 foot area. I picked Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” because the book “Grant Wood – A Life” by Tripp Evans is the next Art Lovers Book Club read at the Attleboro Arts Museum. Not knowing just how big I needed to make the cylinder mirror I made a scale … Continue reading First-time chalk drawing

One more week!

I am extending my I’ll-Cut-My-Hair-for-Donations one more week. So far $1,000 has been donated! The Attleboro Arts Museum needs the donations more than I need my hair. If you make at least a $10 donation to the Annual Fund I will cut my ponytail, get a crewcut or even shave my head. Every $250 = 1 inch trimmed. So far 4 inches, that’s half of my ponytail, is going to get cut. So $2,000 takes it off. $4,000 collected I’ll get a crewcut and $5,000 is a complete shave. Together we can maintain the opportunities the Attleboro Arts Museum offers … Continue reading One more week!