Fall Wheaton Quarterly

As the graphic designer in the Communications office at Wheaton College in Norton, MA. I get to work on the Wheaton Quarterly alum magazine. The latest edition is available on ISSUU.

Not only to I get to design the magazine but I also get to do some illustration work. The cover and an eReporter’s Notebook are two pieces I did that illustrate different stories in this edition.

For the cover I began by reading the story. Not just once, but at least three times. I had to make sure that I ‘got’ the connection between post-modernist literature and physics. After a round of thumbnails it was time to get down to business.

Using the authors mentioned and the reading list at the end of the story I made a list of books to find at the campus library. I came back with over a dozen books, not to read but to photograph. I setup the books in different ways, stacked vertically, horizontally and sorted by literature and physics.

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